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José María Casares Cámara
CEO Bepensa

Board of Directors

Bepensa's Board of Directors is responsible for protecting shareholders' interests. It is also responsible for overseeing the company's operations, and ensuring that corporate governance policies and disclosure practices are properly enforced.

The Board currently consists of five independent directors, a chairman of the board and four family directors.



The Board of Directors carries out its duties with support from three committees:

Governance Committee

Its main task is to assist the Board of Directors in developing the company's structure, practices, and governance policies. It also monitors their management and processes as related to the shareholder interests and philosophy.

Evaluation and Compensation Committee

Serves to maintain an optimal organizational structure consistent with the group's philosophy. It also monitors and follows up with staff recruitment, compensation, training, development, and retention.

Audit Committee

Its primary function is to serve as an open communication channel between management, external and internal auditors, and the Board of Directors.