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At Bepensa we believe it is essential to interact with society’s interest groups, maintaining efficient, open communication channels, and participate in common interest initiatives. Likewise, we constantly improve our social responsibility and performance through our active participation in industry chambers and business associations, keeping a visible presence in the communities that we serve.

Among these institutions are:
  • AIRD: The Dominican Republic Association of Industries.
  • ANPRAC: The Mexican National Association of Producers of Soft Drinks and Sparkling Waters.
  • ASCOCA: An association that groups together every bottler of Coca-Cola Company products.
  • ASIBEGAS: The Association of Soft Drink Industries in the Dominican Republic.
  • ASOFOM: The Association of Multiple-Object Financial Companies (through FinBe).
  • CANACINTRA: The Mexican National Manufacturing Industry Chamber.
  • CANACO: The Mexican National Chamber of Commerce.
  • CMIC: The Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry.
  • COPARMEX: The Mexican Confederation of Employers.