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Financiera Bepensa

Financiera Bepensa

FinBe (Financiera Bepensa) is a multi-purpose financial company (known in Mexico as a SOFOM) that provides business, automotive, and leasing credits. It also finances working capital, payment of liabilities, and investment projects.

With its initial issuance of stock certificates of 600 million pesos, FinBe became the first company in Yucatan to enter the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), in July 2017.

abc leasing

abc leasing

ABC Leasing has over 15 years of experience as a provider of fixed asset financing solutions, through pure leasing plans, mainly oriented to SMEs and individuals with business activity.

ABC Leasing has offices in 25 Mexican cities, including Guadalajara, Culiacan, Mexico City, Puebla, Queretaro, Leon, Monterrey, Tampico and Cancun.

It was acquired by Bepensa in March 2020.

Service divisions:

- PROCAAR: Automotive leasing credit program.

- PROCAAR PYMES: Leasing of industrial machinery, forklifts, transport equipment, racks, technological and communication equipment and, furniture and restaurant equipment, among others, focusing on small and medium enterprises (PYMES in Spanish).

- ABC HEALTH: Leasing of laboratory, hospital, clinical, diagnostic, wellness, rehabilitation, and mobile units.